Roll Out Lawn

Noonan Fine Leaf Kikuyu

Drought tolerant turf grass highly suited to South Australian conditions.

Noonan Fine Leaf Kikuyu is less agressive than the natural kikuyu although it is still a"runner" grass and as such has great capability to self repair.

Ideal for heavy use areas and can easily handle areas associated with children and animals. A very user friendly grass.

Prefers full sun, but can tolerate about 20% shade.

Prepare area to a depth of 100 mill of sandy loam - allow 30 - 50 mill for rollout.

When laying new grass apply S.A. Fertilizers Lawn & Garden fertiliser at the rate of 1 kilo for 5 square metres to kick start your new lawn. 

Pricing information

Note: Minimum order 10 square metres

Order 10 to 24 square metres: $8.35 per square metre + part pallet fee $45

Order 25 to 49 square metres: $8.35 per square metre + part pallet fee $30

Order 50 square metres and above $8.35 per square metre.

Prices include delivery to Adelaide metropolitan area.


How to order

Calculate the total cost from the information above & phone S.A. Fertilizers (08) 83260649 - Pay via credit card over the phone.


Send email to with the following information:


                                                                                Delivery address

                                                                                Phone number

                                                                                Total number of square metres

                                                                                 When required (generally delivery will be in approx 2 days - no deliveries Mondays)

                                                                                 Any special delivery instructions

                                                                                  Money has been paid - yes/no


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